Junior project

Spring 2018

Designers: Andrew Kudwa, Carlie Vanklompenberg, & Tiffani Tozer

A pop-up restaurant in a shipping container that is constantly on the move. Welcoming local chefs and fresh ingredients, every experience is going to be different.

On the Chase…
The restaurant is constantly on the move, and so it is crucial for the website to include hints and a general location so those interested know where to look and how long the restaurant will be at that location.

The restaurant is constantly on the move, and the menu is constantly changing. The clipboard provides stability, and the paper can be changed out easily.

There is a pinpoint chalkboard that extends the branding to show those interested that they have arrived and found it.

Extended branding within the actual restaurant completes the Pinpoint experience.

Each Chef gets to work with a custom Pinpoint apron, and has a team of two constant pinpoint workers helping them.

The restaurant is constantly on the move while being housed in a shipping container. It drops in different locations and opens up to reveal the delicious, local food being cooked inside.


The to-go boxes have pinpoint branding for those who couldn’t finish their meal, they get to take part of the experience home.

The Pinpoint notepad is an extension of the brand for when the waiters take the different orders.

Along with each meal, the customers get a pinpoint patch to prove they found and ate at the elusive Pinpoint restaurant.

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