Junior project

Spring 2017

Designer: Allicyn Crippen

An application design and development to help solve educational inequality. Agora was created to help connect students with teachers, but also to help connect teachers with other teachers that have different qualifications, to help their students.

The student will have a profile view, to see all of the teachers that themselves and their teacher have been connected with.

They will also have an agenda view on their profile. Here they can see any homework assignments, and also any links they’re given from their teachers. These links can be to articles, youtube videos, or other mediums to help the student with their tasks.

The students can also be invited into messages by their teachers.

The teacher profile is more of a dashboard. Here you can see the teacher, their rating, and a list view of all their skills and qualifications.

Teachers have a special option to search for each other. They type in key words like “color blindness”, or “ADHD”, and the subject in which the child of theirs is in and they can be matched with teachers in many different areas that have experience with said key words.

The teachers also have the messaging function to get in contact with one another, and have the ability to invite the student into the chat.

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