Senior project

Spring 2022

Lydia McCracken

Emmaline Morris

Riley Rittenhouse

For the student struggling with ADD/ADHD, Todew is an app that helps students relax and complete their schoolwork with confidence and ease.
Lydia McCracken Emmaline Morris Riley Rittenhouse
3.3 million adolescents from ages 12 to 17 have been diagnosed with ADD or ADHD. 85% of children with ADD or ADHD are at risk of having it as an adults. Only 10.9% of adults with ADD or ADHD get treatment.
We analyzed two user personas and we found that throughout the day, our users tend to experience symptoms of forgetfulness, lack of focus, hyperactivity, and overstimulation. Because of these symptoms, we found that they both had emotional responses of frustration, guilt, discouragement, and more.
Through these discoveries about our users, we came up with 3 main functions the we wanted to create. We decided on a to-do list, a work timer, and a mood tracker.
Next we considered the idea of body doubling. Body doubling is the practice of having someone around you when you complete tasks, such as cleaning your room or studying. For people who have ADD or ADHD, body doubling is proven to improve the ease of completing these tasks. Because of this, we decided to create a character, “Todew” that would act as a body double in our app.
When it came to creating the app, we wanted to have a friendly tone and manner. We intended for every step of the process to feel like a conversation, so we created speech bubbles that allow Todew to communicate with the users.
I prototyped a calendar function that helps users remember their school work. From here, users can set tasks on certain days, create to-do list items, and track habits that they have.
To help our audience stay focused, we created a timer based on the Pomodoro method. The Pomodoro method works by setting a duration of time, and then taking breaks throughout. This means that users complete their work in intervals. To make this more accessible, users can also use the timer on their smartwatch.
To address the emotional dysregulation that comes along with ADD or ADHD for some, we designed a mood tracker where the audience can log their mood daily. From here, they can look back on their mood and build self awareness regarding their emotions, or even share this with a mental health professional.
This path shows how we imagine our users working with Todew.
To extend Todew, we created notifications that would remind users to start a timer, or track their mood. We kept our limitations in mind, and made sure to use the friendly language we established.