Senior project

Fall 2022


Craft an experience to alleviate food waste while sparking delight among users. As 40% of food waste occurs between production and distribution, Plenty connects users with local producers and alleviates extra steps.
Scope: Branding, Illustration, Prototyping Tools: Figma, Illustrator, Procreate
Quick thumbnail sketches showed me how the brand’s name could do some heavy lifting and elevate the brand’s mission. Plenty of good, and plenty enough for all.
As I worked on creating the visual system, my main priority was to evoke a sense of joy when using Plenty. To achieve this, I drew inspiration from the colors of available products and incorporated playful, handmade illustrations into the design.
Illustrations serve as a useful tool to engage first-time users during the onboarding process.
Plenty’s checkout flow employs familiar UI elements to feel intuitive, with clear instructions and multiple payment and delivery options to accommodate different user preferences.