New Leaf Diabetic Center

Junior project

Fall 2020

Mckinley Kreitner

Create a free diabetic clinic in the Grand Traverse region to serve uninsured and under-insured diabetic patients.
The ever-rising cost of insulin and other diabetic supplies makes it difficult for under-insured and uninsured diabetics in Northern Michigan to receive the proper care and prevent long-term medical issues.
Interviewing a local Clinic Director led to discovering the key to a sustainable clinic is through developing a strong network of community support and a solid foundation for funding. With this, I discovered additional audiences like volunteers, community members, and donors that need to be considered while crafting the brand and user experience of this clinic.
To gain community and financial support it was clear that I needed to craft an identity and message that people want to stand behind. The phrase “turning over a new leaf” reflects how the clinic wishes to impact diabetic patients, allowing them to gain a new attitude and perspective towards healthcare.
In my sketches, I wanted to convey the idea of turning over a new leaf in an abstract way. The geometric leaves, shaped like “NL,” stand for New Leaf and all of the pieces coming together, like the community of people that create the clinic.
I selected a sans serif typeface to communicate that New Leaf Diabetic Center is friendly and open. Then, I chose to pair a contrasting slab serif to represent New Leaf’s dependability, structure, and support.
According to Client Network Services, 35% of the uninsured population uses cell phones for Internet access. With this insight in mind, I optimized the mobile experience of this website. Here patients can check to see if they qualify for care, sign up, contact individuals from the clinic, and view their medical records. Registration forms can be filled out digitally to save printing costs for the clinic and time for patients when they arrive for their appointment.
62% of uninsured individuals were interested in using medical devices to check conditions and send information to their doctors. A patient portal helps patients easily communicate with their physicians, manage their health information, and refill their insulin.
“We understand that life is busy and it is difficult to work in volunteering. We hope people know that whatever they can give, even if it is a little bit, helps tremendously.” – Big Rapids Clinic Director Seeing that it can be difficult to get enough staffing for a clinic, I included functionality on the website so individuals can quickly access information on how to sign up for a volunteer shift at the diabetic center.
On the New Leaf Diabetic Center website, donors can learn more about what the clinic does for their patients and see the impact their support has on the community
To reduce the number of outsourced print jobs, I designed a stamp for office workers to quickly brand touchpoints like envelopes, thank you cards, or special promotional material for upcoming events.