Bringing preventative care to 1.9 million underinsured people in Oakland County

Sophomore project

Fall 2019

Nathan Nye

Oakland Counties median income sits 24% above that of the United States. But Beaumont, its largest hospital saw almost two million under and uninsured patients in 2019. I developed a solution to bring critical care to the under and uninsured in Michigan’s wealthiest corner.
No-cost insurance was critical to families who had already experienced health problems. Being able to quickly scan to see if they qualify and which services are offered helped ease the feeling of hopelessness.
The life’s blood of no-cost organizations is its donors. A donors page informs prospective donors of their options and what their money is going towards. Plus an email after-the-fact to extend the organizations appreciation.
Patients wanted faster access to their records without having to call every time. An Electronic Health Records system helped them find what they needed, and gave Guiding Health a tax credit for applying to the governmetns EHR program.
Physicians were hard to get ahold of. Mesaging was much more convenient than trying to make a call hoping they weren’t busy.
Some patients felt uncomfortable calling a front desk to ask for test results. An online results section was much for comforting when personal information was being exchanged.
Booking appointments online helped patients who were either in a rush, or uncomfortable calling.