Junior project

Spring 2017

Designer: McKenna McIntyre

As a company, Ebay has some major trust issues with its buyers. Reports of people getting scammed and sellers feeling like are being taken advantage of has left Ebay low on the search results page, and out of people’s minds. At the same time, the company is trying to position themselves as site that also sells new products, and approach millennials as their target market.

Extensive research and an audit of Ebay was done as a class. Through this, we found many underlying issues of the site as well as more about the target market.


Wireframes were done to establish hierarchy and content on the page.

According to Forbes, “millennials prefer companies that give to charity.” By bringing forth charities as a concept behind Ebay’s brand, they can better appeal to its target audience.

The clutter of information that was originally on product page has been removed, and hidden through tabs, making it more appealing to the young buyer.


The seller profile page recognizes the seller as a charity supporter with a heart next to their name. It also mentions how much they’ve donated and who they give to.


A cleaner search results page along with providing seller ratings on each of the product thumbnails will help establish trust for the buyer.