Cocreate Financial

Junior project

Spring 2021

Mckinley Kreitner

Develop a brand and brand manual for a financial advising service targeted to freelance designers.
Deliverables: Research Document, Brand Manual
In order to provide an effective brand manual with relevant tools and information I interviewed a financial advisor. He noted his difficulty being able to manage all of his clients and still produce enough promotional ads and campaigns for his company. This led me to thinking: how might I provide examples and information within the brand manual to help him quickly produce media content in line with his messaging strategy?
I utilized insights from survey responses and interviews to plan out memorable interactions for freelance designers. From there, I brainstormed tools and content needed by the financial advisors at Cocreate Financial to carry out this experience with quality and care.
Cocreate Financial, a financial company that combines the “corporateness” appeal of the financial world with the creativity of freelance designers to make awesome things happen.
The concept of Cocreate Financial’s wordmark is to highlight the brand’s openness and enthusiasm towards collaboration between financial advisors and freelance designers. To portray the creativity, quirkiness, and fun attitude of the brand throughout its visual system, I used a lowercase, san serif typeface for the wordmark in a flush left lockup. I broke up the word cocreate into “co” and “create” to draw attention to the idea that Cocreate Financial puts collaboration first in everything they do. The tagline and wordmark lockup uses playful juxtaposition to reinforce the idea that people are coming together to help one another.
The first page in this manual helps to put employees of Cocreate Financial at ease and give context of how this tool is meant to help them not hinder them.
Cocreate Financial’s brand voice was created to be quirky, expressive, and casual to attract freelance designers who may be hesitant or anxious about taking the time to invest in their financial future.