Junior project

Spring 2019

CITYGEEK Magazine is losing readership as the rise of digital reading increases.
How might a digital magazine experience to draw in a new audience?
The CITYGEEK brand is refreshed to reflect a more modern audience.
Social media is used to draw in a new, younger audience.
Snapchat and Instagram are the most used platforms, and work well to create bite-sized stories.
The CITYGEEK app allows users to read and browse stories online.
When reading a story, users can add it to their favorites.
To extend the traditional reading experience, CITYGEEK will allow users to track and locate Smart City technology within the city the user is currently located.
Signs with the CITYGEEK logo serve as wayfinding for locating and interacting with the technology.
Users can locate technology with the Maps function in the app and get alerts on their smartwatch when Smart City technology is near