Junior project

Spring 2021

Mckinley Kreitner

Develop a brand system and experience for a high heel company that, demonstrates their attention to craft, resonates with female business leaders, and captures the exclusivity of their product.
Deliverables Brand System Packaging Promotional Assets
Utilizing interview transcripts from female business leaders one leader said: “People, particularly your board and your donors, they want to feel great about you being their best friend.’ They want to connect in that way and part of it is your look. Like it or not.” This made me conclude that these leaders want fashion that does not detract from their message and goals, but allows for long hours without compromising comfort, sophisticated and polished appearance, and fashion choices that help them be perceived as: skilled, professional, charismatic, confident, knowledgeable, genuine.
To establish a name for this high heel brand, I started consolidating words from my different areas of research and from my brand messaging brainstorming. This is where I decided to incorporate some Italian words that reflect the determination and elegance of female business leaders. I selected CapaDonna meaning “head woman” in Italian.
From there I begin to sketch wordmarks and emblems to represent the sophistication and elegance of the brand. A lot of my inspiration came from looking at ornate designs and typefaces. I found typefaces that had unique terminals or contrast in stroke widths to communicate attention to detail and refined elegance.
The identity reflects the dynamic between the determination and elegance of those who wear these heels. The inclusion of stairs within the visual system represents the motif of ascension, alluding to the support CapaDonna dedicates to female business leaders in accomplishing their goals.
Crafting a Tagline CapaDonna’s tagline is “Handcrafted for the Selfmade,” promising only the highest quality for female leaders who strive day-in and day-out to better themselves and accomplish their goals.
I utilized the 5e’s method to design each interaction in this experience. Here is where the client meets the designer for the first time. They begin designing an ideal shoe that not only fits her foot, but her needs, and style.
While her heels are being made, a print is sent to capture the time she spent working with a designer to develop her heels. This print also includes a quote stating CapaDonna’s appreciation “We hope that with this shoe, you feel supported in every step. It is your presence that moves our world forward, and we cannot thank you enough for that.”
When the shoes are complete, clients are hand-delivered their shoes in an elegant display case customized to match the interior of their home.
The tiered display case pays respect to the metaphor of ascension. With these shoes, female leaders will continue to ascend together and make great strides in accomplishing their goals. In the drawer of their display case is a complimentary carrying case and polish.