A Design-Driven Solution For City Air Pollution Problem in Seoul City

Junior project

Fall 2018

Designer: Heawon Oh

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IoT-Powered Smart Green Home System

Users who have an IoT-powered smart home system, Green Move campaign can synchronize with the system and helps users to join in the movement.

Checks Weather And Air Quality In The City

Users check the weather and the air quality before he leaves home. Today’s air quality is ‘Bad’, and it reminds him to take a mask with them.

Check Green Move App

Green Move mobile app synchronizes with the Smart Home system through IoT technology.

See How Others Are Doing

‘Together’ is an in-app social media feature. Gunwoo shares his environmentally-friendly movements with people who have similar goals.

Air Quality Near My Location

Users check air quality near their locations. They can aware of the quality of air in the city in real-time.

My Influence

Users check their influence and feel proud of themselves. More motivated to go with people who joined their movement.

NFC Tagging Interactive Display

Users tag their smartphone and the display shows detailed information about their performance. It encourages them to keep moving forward and to encourage others to join the movement.